"The Meaning of Life is to See." ~ Hui Neng
Frederick Franck
Creator of Pacem in Terris, a trans-religious
sanctuary in Warwick, Dr. Francks' art has
been on display around the world including
one-man shows in New York, Paris, London,
Geneva and Amsterdam. Most recently there
have been exhibitions at the Poughkeepsie
Museum of Art, Yale’s University Gallery of
the Institute for Sacred Music, New York
Open Center and the Cathedral of St. John
the Divine.

Pacem in Terris
(Peace on Earth)

Pacem in Terris is an oasis of solitude, art,
inspiration and natural beauty. Located along the Wawayanda River in Warwick, New York, Pacem
offers a simple, quiet place to visit and
disconnect from daily life.

NEW! Images from the University of Notre Dame exhibition of Frederick Franck's drawings of  the Second Vatican Council are available on this website, with insightful commentary by Catherine Osborne Ph.D.

by Frederick Franck

Franck wrote more than 30 books.
His classic' The Zen of Seeing' is
going strong with over 300,000
copies in print. Books are available
at our Pacem in Terris bookstore,
and via this link:
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Pacem in Terris Created by
Frederick and Claske Franck

to Pacem in Terris
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Photography: Luz Piedad Lopez

Copyright Frederick Franck 2014

Pacem in Terris is a trans-religious independent outdoor sculpture garden & museum located in Warwick, NY.

Various images from the Pacem in Terris Museum
One man's work of art that aspires to be an oasis
of quiet, of sanity, where spirit and nature may
reconnect. It is dedicated to what is human and in
every human being.

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