Thank You!

Pacem in Terris, continues because of you!
We are grateful for your support.

On a Serious Note:
If you are a subscriber to the Shoestring it can only be because you value Pacem in Terris. That it has somehow touched you and meant something to you. Do you feel that it should continue to be available to another generation? We do. In fact, we think that as time goes forward it will likely become only more unique in expressing something of  value rarely expressed elsewhere in our culture an society. For that to happen we need continuing funding, and so we ask with great humility that you consider remembering Pacem in Terris in your will. this will allow another generation to see what you saw, and to perhaps gain the insights into the life process that Pacem in Terris may have helped you to have or better appreciate. Thank you for thinking of us.

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