The Shoestring

Pacem in Terris' official newsletterAll proceeds from The Shoestring go to support Pacem in Terris.
Announcements of events, concerts and more arrive in your mailbox, how convenient!
Shoestring Options!

Inspired by the best that Madison Avenue has to offer! (We're learning!)

Subscription Descriptions
The Shoeless or Barefoot String: $5.00 and Up! Got no shoes but still want to help? This would do nicely! 

The Caviar String:  Tasty and sofishticated!  delicately flavored, low in calories but high in style! Customers often use "WOW" or "Amazing" to describe this Shoestring but we describe it this way..."Just Better."

The Ultimate AristoString :
$20.00 (and up) A prestige String WITH a built in Jacuzzi! New level of distinguished living! Lavishly large! (If you hold it close to your eyes), Unrivalled Glamour and entertainment! 

Simple & Smart-String: Only available online -Black Monday through Friday. Tired of the confusion and nonsense associated with Shoestring shopping? Just sign up for a monthly installment of $5.00 to Pacem in Terris! No pain, We gain! And thank you very much! 

Note: Shoestring editions at all levels   may appear identical to all but the most sensitive and discerning eye!

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