Here are some links to learn more about Frederick Franck:

World Wisdom The University of Notre Dame exhibition
This site includes Frederick Francks' biography, photos, online articles, and more.

Spirituality and Practice
Resources for spiritual journeys

New York Times
Pacem in Terris: A Retreat Dedicated to Peace and Art

In Celebration of Claske Franck

Audio File Click Here

Official Newsletter of Pacem in Terris-
  The Shoestring - Click here

The University of Notre Dame exhibition of Frederick Franck's drawings of the Second Vatican Council, with commentary by the exhibition curator, Catherine Osborne, Ph.D.

Frederick Franck Fans on Facebook

The YY Sisters in concert (but not at Pacem in Terris. Classical Armenian music.

Guitarist Matthew Rohde performing in 2014. Not at Pacem in Terris....but close your eyes!


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